Thank you for considering Positive Cookies Media, LLC as your consulting partner for your new website and future internet media ventures. We strive for excellence in every endeavor of Internet /I.T. consulting.
We previously discussed your plans for your new website. Below is a simple questionnaire to make sure your website development and design process is precise.

Company-related questions

1. What is your Name, Email, Phone number, and Company Job Title?

2. What is the name (correct spelling) of your Company?

3. Do you currently have a website? What is the URL?

4. Describe your products/services?

5. Who are your main competitors?

6. Age range of your target client base?

Project-related questions

1. Name 3 things that will be most important about the design of your new website.

2. Do you have any color preferences, existing brand colors, and/or colors you do/not wish to include?

3. What are some existing websites that appeal to you? Provide up to 5 five links if possible.

4. When do you expect the deadline, timing, or exact date of completion for your website?

Additional questions

1. Do you need to be able to update the website on your own? (ie: Content Management System)

2. Will this be an e-commerce website? (Will you be selling any products or taking payments on your website?)

3. Is your logo and other imagery web ready?

4. Do you have all images that you would like to be included in your website or would you like the designer to use imagery where appropriate?

5. Do you already have a domain and host setup for your new website? If so, do you have the FTP and host log in information accessible?

6. Any specific features you would like included? Log in ability, calendars, forums, blog, subscription services (RSS, email or newsletters)?

7. What do you want the website to do for your company?

8. What image do you want to portray (Professional / Casual / cutting edge etc.)?(Some sites use white space and limited text to give a relaxed feel while others use lots of images and text to give the site a busy feel. Define the feel of the site?)

9. What absolutely must be on the homepage and what is the order of priority?

10. What must be visible at all times?

11. If the business has different sections and each wants its own presence on the page which business sections would get the best locations?

12. Do your competitors use something on their site that you really like?
(Could be navigation structure, form layout etc)

13. What do you offer that the competition doesn’t?

14. Will you require space on pages for external/internal advertising (If yes what types)?
(Header ads, sidebar ads, ads in the content etc.)

15. How would you like to communicate with your visitors?(Telephone, Email, Live Chat, Blog’s or discussions, Mailing list, Brochure/magazines)

Download Website Questionnaire